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Jose Arismendy Rodríguez

Jose Arismendy Rodriguez (known affectionately as “Ari”) was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and grew up dancing the traditional Dominican dances of Merengue, Bachata, and PericoRipiao. Although Salsa dance and music is not native to Dominican Republic (its roots can be traced most accurately to Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Colombia), Ari has always loved salsa and grew up in a family of dancers, with older brothers who were known around the area of Santo Domingo where the family lived for their personal dance style and innovative movements. Ari has always loved to dance, but he only began to study dance seriously at the age of 32, and over the past few years he has refined his dance technique to create a style that is uniquely his and reflects his playful, imaginative nature. Ari joined Buen Aché in 2011 and has proved a valuable addition for his impressive dance style and natural stage presence. 

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