Celebrating Afro-Latino Dance & Culture

History and Origin

Buen Aché was created in 2006 after Artistic Director Julia Rodriguez noticed that the African component of Latino culture was not being adequately represented in South Carolina or the surrounding areas. Buen Aché’s mission is to represent the African contribution to Latino culture, music, and dance.

Drawing on folkloric dances of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other Caribbean nations, Buen Aché explores elements of African artistic expression in the New World.

Based on the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh, founder of the Bahá’í Faith, Buen Aché seeks to promote unity. The diversity of our group of company members helps convey our message of unity through diversity. Humanity can be compared to a rose garden and the various races, languages and cultures are like contrasting flowers. The diversity of colors in a rose-garden adds to the charm and beauty of the scene,  just as human diversity adds to the richness of society.  Rather than suppressing our differences, we celebrate them. In honoring the African contribution to Latin music and dance, we celebrate the diversity of Latin culture .

We believe that the arts are keys to a society’s consciousness, and through artistic expression positive changes can be created in a society. We hope that our demonstration of racial unity will create a new consciousness in our audience.

About Us