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About Us

“Buen Aché was a great edition to the 2007 Charleston Cinco de Mayo Festival. Their blending of salsa steps and Afro-Cuban dance moves took the crowd on a journey to the sounds and rhythms of the Caribbean.” ~ Cinco De Mayo festival

photoBuen Aché is a small Afro-Latino dance company based in Charleston, South Carolina. The company represents the African contribution to Latino culture, music, and dance. Drawing on folkloric dances of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other Caribbean nations, Buen Aché explores elements of African artistic expression in the New World.

Story-telling Through Dance

Buen Aché’s dance goes beyond the purely cultural and delves into the socially conscious world when it confronts racism in one of its pieces called “La Jabá”. The Afro-Peruvian “Negroide” dance, “Azucar de Caña”, examines the lives of the Afro-Peruvian workers who cultivate sugar cane.

These choreodrama pieces are combined with more traditional dances to create a rich body of work that not only entertains and enlightens, but also tells a story of culture and history through dance. By preserving these traditional dances, we keep the past in the present, while creating a fusion of choreography with modern-day dance styles.

Traditional Dances

The group performs at various types of events for disparate audiences seeking to embrace and learn about other cultures. Performances may include the following genres of dance:


About Us